Friend Studio is a digital art gallery curated & constructed by the artist, Sylvia Friend.

Based out of Los Angeles California, FriendStudio aims to capture the elements of life that are often over looked and transform those elements into personalized pieces of physical art.

FriendStudio makes no commitment to any one medium of art but instead combines passion and project. The overarching goal here is to make those who engage think critically about the pieces before them.


FriendStudio Apparel .

2021 CollectionFashion emerging as a central part of the FriendStudio brand was a goal from the beginning. The artist switched her medium from traditional canvas to garments. Each person who dresses FriendStudio ultimately becomes the canvas and the garment, the art. In this way, FriendStudio toys with the idea of fashion as a line of communication, community and shared ideas.

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2020 Collection — FriendStudio centers it’s work around issues tied to race, gender, sexuality and climate. The art emerging from the 2020 collection combines aspects of surrealism, contemporary and abstract styles in order to highlight questions of uncertainty tied to the above concepts.

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Kobe & Gigi.⁠

2019 Collection — From Drake to Kim and Gold Guɔɔi, abstract realism was the central focus. In this way, FriendStudio could convey emotion indirectly, and begin to have conversations about socio-political concepts communicated through art.

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2018 Collection — Unsure of a distinct artistic direction at first, FriendStudio practiced various techniques. Focusing mainly on portraits, the studio was able to establish itself as a profitable digital gallery early on. Today, FriendStudio continues to incorporate portrait style paintings into current collections while adding nuance.

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